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Oral and maxillofacial surgeons receive extensive training in treating facial trauma. They also study the occlusion of teeth, how the jaws come together, in great detail. Such training gives the oral and maxillofacial surgeon an edge over medical colleagues when it comes to treating injuries of the face and jaw. Dr. Millwala has this training along with extensive experience in treating facial trauma.

Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma

Dr. Millwala completed numerous cases involving facial trauma during his residency.

In his private practice at a level 1 hospital, he continued to treat facial trauma. Dr. Millwala’s expertise in treating facial trauma spans treatment of simple injuries to extremely complex trauma involving hard and soft tissues. Among the most common facial trauma procedures he has performed are:

  • Treatment of facial lacerations.
  • Treatment of facial fractures including those of the forehead, nose, eye sockets, upper and lower jaw.
  • Injuries of the mouth including displacement or loss of teeth.

Facial trauma can be the result of any number of situations. Car accidents often involve facial trauma. Sporting accidents can lead to teeth being displaced or knocked out. Violence can result in broken facial bones such as the nose, eye sockets or jaw. A maxillofacial and oral surgeon has the expertise and skill to ensure that your facial trauma will be treated correctly for optimal recovery.

It is important to have facial trauma treated by a well-qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon for several reasons. These doctors have extensive training in this area. Treatment by doctors unfamiliar with the complexities of these types of fractures may result in permanent functional and cosmetic issues.

The training and experience Dr. Millwala has received uniquely qualify him to address facial trauma. He understands the emotional trauma that accompanies the physical trauma of facial injuries. Cutting edge technologies provide detailed information that is used in the precise and effective treatment of facial trauma. These technologies, along with Dr. Millwala’s skill, produce the best results possible.

For patients requiring treatment at a hospital facility, Dr. Millwala has privileges at the Memorial Hermann Cypress Hospital.

Facial Trauma
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