Removal of wisdom tooth and symptoms like fever after tooth extraction

In many cases, if the wisdom teeth are stuck, it needs replacement. It is becoming common nowadays. However, the dentist performs minor surgery and removes it. These erupt at the back of the mouth, at the sides of the jaw. Wisdom teeth are usually the last pairs of teeth to erupt, and due to lack of space, the process becomes painful. It is better to remove the extra pair to ease trouble and pain. Though fever after a tooth extraction is common in many cases.

Fever after tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is a safe procedure, but fever is one of the post-operative symptoms of surgery. The medicines used or the minor mouth treatments can cause illness, but the temperatures should not rise beyond a specific limit. Talk to the dentist and follow the guidelines given after the surgery to handle similar situations. The body temperatures return to normal in a few days.

Other symptoms after wisdom tooth extraction

Apart from fever after tooth extraction, other symptoms include problems in swallowing food and even breathing difficulty. Removing tooth leaves a gap inside that takes time to fill. Few patients also have minor bleeding or pus coming out of gums and nose. Extraction can result in swelling in the place that takes time to normalize. Hence all these are common, and within a few days after taking proper precautions, return to a standard shape.

Hence fever after tooth extraction and all these symptoms are common, so the dentist removes the wisdom tooth. If you feel your wisdom tooth is creating oral problems, it is better to get it removed. Schedule your appointment at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center, and the team is glad to guide you. To schedule the appointment, call at 281-667-0607

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