Top Rated Oral
Surgeon Near Katy,
Texas 77449

Top Rated Oral Surgeon Near Katy, Texas 77449

Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center

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I refer my patients to Dr. Millwala with utmost confidence for all surgical needs. His communication and expertise makes me feel comfortable sending my patients to his office
Dr. TD – Houston, TX

I had my wisdom teeth taken out by Dr. Millwala. I was so nervous but him and his staff made me feel very comfortable. He put me to sleep and when I woke up, surgery was all done. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting their wisdom teeth taken out
Amy – Katy, TX

I hate getting shots in the mouth. Dr. Millwala put me to sleep to remove 7 of my teeth and put 2 implants in my jaw bone. Didn’t feel a thing
David – Katy, TX

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