How Much Does A Tooth Bonding Cost?

Many Americans each year visit the dentist to find remedies for the odd cracked or chipped tooth. And, with the vast array of procedures available today, dentists can restore teeth to a healthy, functional condition. One of the more common procedures is tooth bonding, and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this article. First, we will discuss tooth bonding, what it is and how it works. Then, we’ll talk about how much you can expect tooth bonding to cost.

What Is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth bonding involves a dentist applying a resinous material to your teeth to fill in any cracks or chips. This resin comprises a safe, biocompatible composite material that allows your teeth to function normally. But also, one of the benefits of this resin is that it comes in a variety of shades. As a result, this makes it incredibly useful for cosmetic dentistry: a patient can restore healthy color to a discolored tooth.

The best part about using a composite resin for tooth bonding is that the dentist can shape a tooth to match your needs perfectly. We’ll explain this more in the next section.

How Does Tooth Bonding Work?

A tooth bonding procedure starts with the dentist examining your teeth through a visual, physical examination. In some cases, though, a dentist might also choose to perform an x-ray.

Then, your dentist will use a shade palette to determine a color for the resin that most closely resembles the shade of your natural teeth. There are many shades to choose from so that the bonded teeth look indistinguishable from your real teeth.

To begin, your dentist will use specialized tools to roughen the surface of the tooth they’re working on. Doing this allows the bonding agent more grooves and imperfections in the surface to stick to the tooth.

Next, they apply the composite resin over the bonding agent. When this step is complete, they take their time to mold and shape the tooth according to your needs. This could mean, for example:

  • Increasing the size of a tooth that’s shorter than the rest
  • Filling in imperfections in a tooth’s surface
  • Correcting a misshapen or crooked tooth
  • Aligning a tooth with its neighbors to more closely match it in shape and function
  • Repairing a crack or chip in a tooth

Finally, the dentist applies a UV light to harden the resin and finish the procedure. Of course, they’re still able to shape the hardened resin if it’s really necessary.

Tooth Bonding Cost

So, how much does tooth bonding cost?

Well, tooth bonding is a relatively simple, outpatient procedure that can be performed without any anesthesia required. You’re basically in and out of the office, depending on how many teeth need the procedure. The average cost of a tooth bonding procedure ranges from $250 – $600 per tooth.

Of course, if you have dental insurance, checking with them will give you a better idea of the costs involved.

Conclusion: Taking Care Of Bonded Teeth

It’s important to understand that the resin used is not as strong as the natural enamel of your teeth. It’s also easier to stain and requires replacement every 5-10 years. That means taking care of your investment is essential. Fortunately, you can do this easily by simply brushing and flossing regularly, keeping up with your oral hygiene routine, and avoiding staining foods and smoking.

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