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Oral Surgery: Know Your Payment Options

March 15, 2020

If you need oral surgery, then you might be worried about the cost. However, this shouldn’t be your top concern when your health is in question. At Katy Cypress, we know that the financial aspect of dentistry causes people a lot of stress. That’s why we prioritize fair, transparent pricing and accept a variety of … Continue reading “Oral Surgery: Know Your Payment Options”

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Can Oral Surgery Treat Your Sleep Apnea?

January 30, 2020

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? This condition drastically limits the quality of your sleep, reducing your quality of life. If your sleep apnea is unexplained or if CPAP therapy is not working, you might need oral surgery to fix the problem. Learn more about how oral surgery can be used to treat sleep apnea … Continue reading “Can Oral Surgery Treat Your Sleep Apnea?”

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Dealing With Impacted Wisdom Teeth

December 30, 2019

Impacted molars are one of the most common reasons that patients end up needing a wisdom tooth extraction. But what does it mean to have impacted teeth? While impacted teeth can be painful, oral surgeons can fix the problem and help you to live pain-free. Read on to learn more. What Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? … Continue reading “Dealing With Impacted Wisdom Teeth”

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Who Needs an Oral Surgery Consultation?

December 15, 2019

Do you need oral surgery? For a lot of patients, the answer to this question might not be obvious. Many different conditions can warrant oral surgery, and these surgeries are sometimes just one of several different treatment options. An oral surgery consultation will help you to weigh your options so you can choose the best … Continue reading “Who Needs an Oral Surgery Consultation?”

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How an Implant-Secured Crown Can Change Your Smile

November 30, 2019

If you are missing a tooth, you are probably looking at a variety of different options to restore your smile. While temporary solutions like partial dentures can solve the problem without surgery, many people are looking for a more permanent option. Below, we will discuss implant-secured crowns, an effective way to replace a missing tooth. … Continue reading “How an Implant-Secured Crown Can Change Your Smile”

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Preparing Children for Tooth Extractions

November 15, 2019

If your child needs a “tooth pulled”, they will most likely be nervous. This is completely normal. Any surgery can be a scary experience, and oral surgery is often a procedure that children have a hard time understanding. Fortunately, the team at Katy Cypress has plenty of experience with pediatrics and can help your child … Continue reading “Preparing Children for Tooth Extractions”

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How Oral Surgery Can Help Sleep Apnea Patients

October 30, 2019

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you know the pain of constant sleepless nights. Fortunately, there are medical and dental solutions that can help you live with sleep apnea. CPAP machines are commonly used to treat this condition, but these devices aren’t right for all patients. If you are not a good candidate for CPAP … Continue reading “How Oral Surgery Can Help Sleep Apnea Patients”

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Katy Cypress Oral Surgery & Implant Center

February 13, 2018

Our number one priority is taking care of the patients. Unfortunately, in this day and age there are so many….

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