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Top 5 Tips to Speed Up Bone Graft Healing Process

January 30, 2024

Dental bone grafting is an invasive procedure that aims to provide a stable foundation for dental implants. This is done by growing the jawbone and regenerating the patient’s bone density. However, the recovery process involves a lot of waiting and patience. In order to let the jawbone develop, you have to wait for a long … Continue reading “Top 5 Tips to Speed Up Bone Graft Healing Process”

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What to expect after a Dental Bone Grafting?

October 15, 2020

If you are a potential dental implant patient, your dentist will likely begin with having you undergo a bone grafting procedure. In case the dentist identifies that your jaw bone needs a bit of extra support to hold the incoming implant, you will be required to go through a bone grafting procedure. We recommend that … Continue reading “What to expect after a Dental Bone Grafting?”

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What are the factors and signs of dental bone graft failure?

September 30, 2020

Implementing new technology and innovation is bringing lots of changes in modern dentistry. Today, various treatments are available that no one could even think of in the past. If we look into the past, oral treatment was no less than a nightmare. Today, it’s safe, comfortable, and even pain-free due to the presence of sedatives. … Continue reading “What are the factors and signs of dental bone graft failure?”

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Is a tooth a bone, what are the differences?

May 15, 2020

Bones have the strength to heal themselves naturally, can teeth do the same? Is a tooth a bone, then can it heal itself? Although both teeth and bone need calcium and are white, but are different. Bone is living tissue so it can improve and repair itself; however, it is not too hard. Bone is … Continue reading “Is a tooth a bone, what are the differences?”

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The importance of Tooth Bone Graft before dental implants

April 30, 2020

A big confident smile is due to bright white teeth. However, losing teeth is no less than a nightmare. It is an unpleasant and humiliating experience. But in today’s world, there are many people with the same problem. A dental implant is one of the procedures to treat the missing tooth. But before the process, … Continue reading “The importance of Tooth Bone Graft before dental implants”

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Why Dental Bone Grafting in Sometimes Needed for Implants

February 14, 2019

Ideally, when a person is considering getting a dental implant, the bone in the implant area will be healthy and dense enough for a successful placement. When there is a weakness or bone loss, dental bone grafting is a method of restoring the area. Why Bone Condition Matters Bone needs stimulation in order to grow … Continue reading “Why Dental Bone Grafting in Sometimes Needed for Implants”

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The Oral Bone Grafting Healing Process

October 12, 2018

The idea of bone grafting may send shivers down your back, especially when you are told that a bone graft will be needed for you to have that dental implant procedure. Once you understand how the process works, it is much less dramatic and more of a mundane procedure. Why Bone Grafting May Be Required … Continue reading “The Oral Bone Grafting Healing Process”

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Dental Bone Grafting 101

July 23, 2018

When teeth are missing, over time the bone begins to shrink. This can make the jawbone unsuitable for some prosthetics, dental implants in particular. Weak jawbones may also be more susceptible to breakage. The way to build up a weak or small jawbone is through dental bone grafting. There are a few ways this can … Continue reading “Dental Bone Grafting 101”

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