IV Sedation and Fear of Needles

If you need oral surgery, then your dentist might recommend IV sedation. This type of sedation is great for complex surgeries. You will be asleep during your procedure just like in the hospital. But for patients who are afraid of needles, it’s not so easy. Below, we will give you some tips for conquering your needle phobia. This will make your IV sedation a lot easier.

Benefits of IV Sedation

IVs can seem painful and intimidating. However, they are sometimes the best option for anxious dental patients. While other forms of sedation involve injections in the gums, IVs are just one injection in the hand. The needle used is often much smaller than the needles used in the gums. If you do need additional injections, they will take place after you are sedated. IV sedation works very well. You will not be conscious during your surgery. You will simply go to sleep and wake up while you recover.

Talk With Your Dentist

Working through a needle phobia takes courage. While tackling this fear, try to identify the root cause of your anxiety. Are you afraid of pain? Maybe you are afraid of being put to sleep? Pinpoint your fear so you can address it with your dentist. Be honest with the dental staff. If they know you are nervous, they will be able to provide comfort.

Treatments That Can Help

Sometimes fears can be severe. If you are suffering from needle phobia, you might need additional help before your oral surgery. Your dentist might prescribe you an anti-anxiety medication to take. They might also use a special cream to numb your skin before you get your IV. Talk to your oral surgeon about what’s available to you.

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