Overbite vs. Underbite: Different Treatment Options

Everything dreams for the perfect, straight teeth smile. However, we fear going to the dentist too much to do something about our misaligned teeth. Misalignment of teeth is not only a cosmetic problem; it can be harmful to your oral health. To explain it further, we’ll discuss overbite vs. underbite in this blog.

Overbite Vs. Underbite: What is it?

If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, first, let us explain what underbite and overbite actually are.


It’s not uncommon for upper teeth to overlap the lower teeth. Nevertheless, sometimes the overlap could be too much and result in an overbite. Generally, your upper teeth extending your lower teeth by 4mm to 10mm constitute an overbite. In some cases, an overlap of 2 mm is also considered an overbite by orthodontists.

Genetics, injuries to the mouth, jaw injury, loose crying, and gum disease are some factors that can cause this condition.


As you might have guessed, an underbite is when your lower teeth extend over your upper teeth. Moreover, in severe cases, an underbite can make it look like you have a protruding chin.

An underbite is more than just a cosmetic concern; it can affect how you bite, chew, and speak. Furthermore, it can cause pain in the face and mouth. Some individuals with an underbite also bite their cheeks or tongue.

Genetics are also a reason for underbites. Other than this, thumbsucking in childhood, using pacifiers after a certain age, and jaw or facial injuries can also cause this issue.

Treatment Options for an Overbite

There are multiple treatments for an overbite. You might need facial trauma treatment if you are due to an injury. Depending on your case, your dentist might recommend one of these:


One of the most common options to treat an overbite, braces are available in many materials. They have brackets that force your teeth into a normal position by putting pressure.


When a misaligned jawbone is the cause of misaligned teeth, surgery is required. The oral surgeon will remove some of the upper jaw bone to align it with your lower teeth. After that, they use bone plates, wires, and screws to hold the jaw together.

Splint Therapy

This procedure uses a dental device called a splint, which is put over the bottom teeth. It helps shift the mandible forward and decreases the gap between jaws.

Treatments for Underbite

When it comes to treatments for overbite vs. underbite, most of them are similar. However, treating underbite includes more options.

Underbite treatments include:

  1. Braces
    Braces help treat underbites as they align and straighten teeth on the lower jaw bone. The protruding teeth give into the pressure that brackets exert, shifting back. You can get ceramic, metal, or even invisible braces.
  2. Reverse-Pull Face Mask
    The lower jaw develops faster than the upper jaw, which can lead to a severe underbite. In these situations, a reverse-pull face mask he’ll by slowing the growth of the lower jaw. This way, Maxilla gets enough time to catch up.
  3. Tooth Extraction
    If children with milk teeth have an underbite, tooth extraction might be the solution. This allows enough space for the permanent teeth, with overcrowding by the baby teeth shedding.
  4. Upper Jaw Expander
    An upper jaw expander can help when the upper jawbone doesn’t grow at the same rate as the lower one. It helps change the shape of the upper jaw for proper alignment.
  5. Surgery
    Surgery can help shorten the lower jaw or lengthen the upper jaw. The surgeon will remove some bone tissue and reposition the jaw for proper alignment. There are two types of jaw surgeries for this condition; the oral surgeon will opt for what works best to treat your underbite.

What to Do?

When it comes to overbite vs. underbite, they’re both issues that occur due to misaligned teeth. There are different treatment options available for each.

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