Preparing for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal can be a scary experience. While these extractions are common procedures, they can still be daunting to people who have never had oral surgery before. Preparing for your wisdom tooth extraction will help you feel confident about the procedure. Keep reading to learn how to prepare.

Know Your Pain Management Strategy

While wisdom tooth extractions are relatively simple procedures, they usually do result in a little discomfort. Your oral surgeon will most likely prescribe you pain medications. Ask your doctor before you take any over-the-counter medications or holistic supplements in addition to your prescription medications. Using ice packs and keeping your head elevated will also help you stay comfortable as you recover.

Talk About Sedation Options

Your oral surgeon will use sedation to keep you from feeling any pain during your procedure. We offer several different types of sedation and will make a recommendation based on your specific needs and concerns. Make sure you talk about your sedation options with your oral surgeon before your procedure so you know your options.

Stay Calm-You are in Good Hands!

Having your wisdom teeth removed doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. At Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center, we have performed countless wisdom tooth extractions. To talk with a professional about your wisdom teeth, call our office at 281-667-0607 today.

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