Tartar Breaking Off Back Of Teeth | What To Do If Tartar Chips Off

If you suddenly feel that something chipped away from your teeth while brushing or eating, don’t panic! It’s likely tartar breaking off the back of your teeth. While teeth are normally quite strong and resilient to breaking, tartar isn’t. But there are many other questions you may have, and this article will explore what to do when this happens.

What Is Tartar?

Tartar, also known as dental calculus, is the hardened buildup of plaque on the mouth’s surfaces, particularly the teeth. While plaque is a sticky substance composed of saliva, mucus, bacteria, and food particles, it turns to tartar over time if you don’t remove it during your daily oral hygiene routine. Tartar is a very hard substance due to the presence of minerals in saliva. It’s also almost impossible to remove manually without the help of a dentist and their professional scaling tools.

However, tartar can sometimes dislodge from a tooth.

Is It A Chipped Tooth or Tartar Breaking Off Back Of Teeth?

Remember: it’s very unlikely for a healthy tooth to chip, crack, or break off during normal daily activities. On the other hand, it’s quite possible that if you chew something in just the right way or brush your teeth in a certain spot, you can break off a piece of tartar.

One way to check is to keep the chipped piece and examine it. If it’s brown, dull yellow, or even partly black, it’s probably tartar. You can apply pressure to the piece and see if it breaks; tartar will break under mild pressure, while tooth enamel will take a lot more force to break.

What If There Is A Sharp Spot In My Mouth?

Because tartar is a very hard substance, a piece breaking off the back of your teeth can leave a sharp spot where it used to be. If you notice this, don’t attempt to remove any more tartar from your teeth, as this can cause serious damage to your teeth and gums.

The best thing to do is to consult a dentist right away. They can examine the area and treat it appropriately using the right tools. Dentists have ultrasonic and hand scaling tools that can remove tartar safely and effectively.

Conclusion: Visit A Dentist As Soon As You Can

Any amount of tartar buildup inside the mouth requires a deep cleaning at the dentist’s office. This is because tartar is generally detrimental to your oral health, and deep cleaning will remove any sharp spots and tartar deposits. The result is a healthier mouth with teeth and gums free of any hardened deposits, so you can get back to maintaining good oral health.

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