The importance of Tooth Bone Graft before dental implants

A big confident smile is due to bright white teeth. However, losing teeth is no less than a nightmare. It is an unpleasant and humiliating experience. But in today’s world, there are many people with the same problem. A dental implant is one of the procedures to treat the missing tooth. But before the process, dentist test for bone density to find out if there is a need for tooth bone graft.

Dental implants need a healthy bone structure. If the bone structure is weak, the mouth will not support the implant, and cannot replace the missing teeth. Therefore the dentist first works on strengthening the nearby bones. The tooth bone graft procedure will make the bones ready for the dental implant. You can still replace your missing tooth, but only after having healthy bones.

Suitable bones for grafting

The dentist uses several ways for bone grafting, depending on the patient’s approval. The bone is either taken from the patient’s own body like side or chin areas, or the corpse from a bone bank. If more is needed, bovine bone is useful. Whatever the decision, it is a patient’s preference. The bone graft treatment is a safe and effective way; additionally, before using the bone is adequately scanned for health and safety.

Having strong bone tissues

Tooth bone graft is popularizing as it has a high success rate. The grafted bone on the jaw acts as a filler. Now it will boost the growth of new bone. Bone grafting is also necessary if the bone is too soft or weak, as it would not hold the new tooth. After the bone graft, the place has to heal for several months. Healing time can differ depending on oral health. Gradually the healthier bone tissues grow in the jaw that can now support the dental implant.

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