Try These 7 Simple Methods To Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain!

Almost everyone has wisdom teeth — that is, besides a third of the world’s population. In rare cases, they do not erupt; wisdom teeth can cause a great deal of pain. This is a given sign they’re about to pop up.

From headaches to difficulty opening your mouth, wisdom teeth lead to numerous oral issues. Not to mention, everyone has a different experience with their third molars. The only constant in this equation is the severe toothache associated with it. Perhaps this is why most people try to wonder how to easily relieve wisdom tooth pain. If you, too, are looking to get rid of the pain, keep on reading this blog to find out.

How To Relieve Wisdom Tooth Pain: 7 Simple Methods

Whether your wisdom tooth has fully erupted or is currently in the process of coming out, you can take multiple steps to soothe the pain. Moreover, even though it is normal for wisdom tooth pain to last for a week or two, letting it fester is not the best way to handle it. Instead, consult a dental professional to decide on the next possible solution for the constant toothache.

  1. Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers
    Any over-the-counter medication works. However, ibuprofen and paracetamol are two painkillers that offer instant pain relief. They can even reduce swelling, inflammation, and tenderness of the gums.
  2. Hot & Cold Compress
    As soothing as it is to hold an ice pack to your jaw, it works even best if you keep alternating between hot and cold compresses. This can alleviate the pain and instantly soothe away any soreness or stiffness you might be experiencing in your jaw.
  3. Numbing Gel
    As per its name, a numbing gel can numb the affected area in a matter of minutes, especially if it contains benzocaine or menthol in it.
  4. Saltwater Solution
    Known as the savior of oral diseases, saltwater solution is by far an amazing way to relieve wisdom tooth pain. Just swish some of this antibacterial goodness in your mouth, and you’re all set!
  5. Clove Oil
    Cloves have a natural ingredient in them called ‘eugenol.’ This is an organic numbing agent that also helps to reduce inflammation. A small cotton ball soaked in clove oil can work wonders, no matter how bad of a toothache you might be experiencing.
  6. Turmeric Paste
    Much like cloves, turmeric, too, has natural ingredients in it that alleviate pain. Due to its anti-inflammatory nature, a paste made out of turmeric can be extremely beneficial. Simply combine turmeric, baking powder, and toothpaste together, allowing the mixture to sit on the gums for a few minutes. Once it feels dry, rinse it out.
  7. Dental Appointment
    Lastly, if you have tried every other remedy but still can’t get rid of the pain, it may be time to visit your dentist. Perhaps what you’re dealing with is not just wisdom tooth pain but rather an infection or an impacted tooth. To prevent oral complications, make sure to schedule an appointment with a dental professional as soon as you can.

Final Takeaway

To sum it up, wisdom tooth pain may be common, but you can easily relieve the pain. Either by taking ibuprofen or applying a numbing gel, the options are endless. However, if the pain persists and doesn’t go away, contact a dentist immediately. For more information, contact Katy Cypress Oral Surgery at (281) 667-0607. You can also visit us at 6155 N Fry Rd, suite 600, Katy, TX 77449, next to Smoothie King.

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