What To Do After Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can be terrifying. Injuries to the face require immediate treatment, but many people are too shocked to properly act after a traumatic event. Understanding what to do in the event of facial trauma will help you stay calm if you (or a loved one) ever have an accident. Keep reading to learn more.

Collect Tooth Fragments

It’s common to chip a tooth (or several teeth) during a traumatic event. If this happens, try to locate and save tooth fragments. If you bring these to your dentist within a certain time frame, they may be able to reattach these pieces.

Treat Teeth Properly

If you have a tooth that is completely knocked out, try to place the tooth gently back in its socket while you make your way to the emergency dentist. While this sounds bizarre, it’s a great way to preserve the integrity of delicate, exposed parts of the mouth.

Get Professional Help

This is the most important thing you can do in the event of facial trauma. Call 911 if you need emergency services or your local emergency dentist for urgent nonemergency services. Getting help quickly will reduce your risk of complications and can shorten your recovery time.

Facial Trauma Specialists

Facial injuries often require reconstruction. Dr. Millwala is a facial trauma expert who has helped countless patients regain the look and functionality of their faces after traumatic events. To learn more about how Dr. Millwala can help you, call Katy Cypress Oral Surgery at 281-667-0607.

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