When Was Toothpaste Invented?

History Of Toothpaste

Today everyone in your family chooses a toothpaste based on color, flavor, sparkles, and whiteners, but it wasn’t always like this. The world’s first toothpaste was very basic, as you might well imagine. Here is a walkthrough of the history of toothpaste!

A Humble Beginning

For millions of years, humans have been cleaning their teeth, removing substances between their teeth. Based on reports, dental creams made of ashes mixed with water were used by ancients Egyptians. Though it doesn’t sound too fancy, it did the trick back in the day.

Later onwards, the Greeks and the Romans added some flavorings in the form of powdered charcoal. Moving forward to 50BC, toothpaste in India and China started to be pleasant to the palettes. Mint, Ginseng, and herbs were now being added to toothpaste. Once again came the Egyptians who began adding iris flowers, rock salt, and pepper to toothpaste.

Era Of The 1800s

Since the beginning of the 1800s, the toothpaste game has completely changed. A dentist added soap, and later soap was replaced by sodium lauryl sulfate. This resulted the toothpaste becoming smooth that we might recognize as our today’s toothpaste.

Later in the 1870s, a famous brand manufactured pleasant-smelling toothpaste, and in 1892 the world’s first tube of toothpaste came into existence. Later in 1914, doctors added fluoride to toothpaste.

Moving Forward to Today

There is a toothpaste for everyone today with an overflow of overwhelming choices. Remember that next time your kids complain about brushing their teeth, speak to them about how humble the beginnings of toothpaste was. At least they don’t have to brush with ashes!

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