Who Needs an Oral Surgery Consultation?

Do you need oral surgery? For a lot of patients, the answer to this question might not be obvious. Many different conditions can warrant oral surgery, and these surgeries are sometimes just one of several different treatment options. An oral surgery consultation will help you to weigh your options so you can choose the best care plan for your oral health. Keep reading to learn if you might need a consultation.

If Your Dentist Has Recommended Oral Surgery

This is the most obvious reason for an oral surgery consultation. There are many different types of oral surgeries available, and different patients will all have different needs. If your dentist has recommended oral surgery, a consultation will help you to learn more about your recommended treatment.

If You Have Persistent Tooth Pain

If your tooth pain cannot be explained by a regular sensitivity, you might need oral surgery. A consultation will allow an oral surgeon to take x-rays, examine the tooth, and determine the root cause of your pain before you have an extraction.

If You Have Experienced Facial Trauma

Facial trauma can be devastating, but many surgical solutions can restore the look and functionality of your teeth, gums, and jaws. After a traumatic event, an oral surgery consultation will allow you to plan reconstructive work with a professional so you can meet your recovery goals.

Oral Surgery For a Variety of Needs

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons that a patient might want to speak to an oral surgeon. Oral surgery can improve the function of your mouth and help you achieve a beautiful, functional smile. To learn if oral surgery is the right option for you, contact Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center at 281-667-0607.

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