Why Are My Teeth Sensitive – Top 10 Reasons Explained

A sharp sting when you bite an ice cream or a zap at the touch of a soda is not a good memory. If the toothache acts like an impulse, comes and goes or is constant, you suffer from sensitive teeth. If you want to know “Why are my teeth sensitive?” then keep on reading this blog. Stay with us we have detailed 10 common reasons for tooth sensitivity described.

There are various reasons for development of sensitive teeth to triggers. While most reasons are easy to handle, others need dental attention.

1. Clenching Teeth – Bruxism

Teeth or jaw grinding is a condition scientifically known as bruxism. It is an issue that appears effect during night time but also may show effect during the day as well. Teeth grinding or clenching is common during anger episodes or when someone deeply involved in an attention requiring task and the extra pressure makes the teeth sensitive.

2. Increased Use of Mouthwash

Having mouthwash as an essential part of an oral hygiene ritual is a good practice. However, when overused, it shows harmful effects. Rinsing mouthwash multiple times a day can cause sensitivity.

The main reason for this is acidic presence that effects the middle layer of the teeth. If your teeth are sensitive and you use mouthwash in abundance, try cutting down the quantities and see observe changes.

3. TMJ Disorder

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ allows jaw movement. This joint acts as a hinge between the jaw bone and the skull. Certain disorders like arthritis, an injury or bruxism issue puts pressure on it, effecting the whole area.

4. Heavy Brushing

Mostly, heavy brushing using a hard-bristled toothbrush enamel over time. That is why, the teeth become sensitive and sends zaps during food or beverage consumption.

Changing the toothbrush which has soft bristles helps in reducing sensitivity.

5. Improper Diet

Foods having high sugar content are bad for your teeth. The germs feed on that sugar and make acids damaging the enamel. Likewise, highly acidic foods directly erode the protective layer i.e., your enamel, making them sensitive.

If you question often “Why are my teeth so sensitive suddenly?” Always remember that nothing happens all of a sudden in a single day. Tooth sensitivity increases over time. Eliminating sensitivity stimulants, good oral hygiene, and diet modification help a lot in recovery.

6. Gum Diseases

Gums receding from base line is fairly common when you have gum disease. Problems like gingivitis turns the teeth sensitive. In such cases, always ask for dental help for appropriate treatment.

7. Usage of Teeth Whiteners

Some teeth whitening agents cause sensitivity, this is because the chemicals present in whitening affect the teeth enamel, wearing it down over time.

8. A Cracked Tooth

Cracks in the teeth act as an entry point for the bacteria, making your teeth prone to sensitivity.

9. Dental Processes

Procedures like dental implants, filling or crown fixation make the teeth sensitive. Luckily, this sensitivity is short-lived and goes away as time passes.

10. Decay on Filling’s Edges

Fillings would not stay forever. They lose their strength as you age, creating a gap that makes the teeth sensitive, causing throbbing pain.


It does not matter why your teeth are sensitive, our dental experts in Houston at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center can fix it. For consultation and pain management tips, call now at 346 843 1504.

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