Why are Wisdom Teeth Often Extracted?

It is common procedure to remove wisdom teeth. However, it may not be necessary if your wisdom teeth can come in without issues. This isn’t the case in most instances. Oftentimes there are complications that make extracting them a better choice not only for oral health but also for physical health. Are you facing a wisdom teeth extraction and want to know why?

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The most common reason why wisdom teeth are extracted is that they are impacted. This means that the wisdom teeth are sideways within the gums and will come in that way. Not only is it painful but the wisdom tooth can push against the roots of your molars which can cause damage. Some impacted wisdom teeth will come in on their own, but not completely. If this happens, the opening in the gums that is caused by the partially sprouted tooth can be a haven for plaque and bacteria which can cause infection. This infection may not stay within the gums and can create a much bigger infection throughout the body.


If your wisdom teeth are able to sprout completely on their own, you still may need a wisdom teeth extraction. In this instance, the wisdom teeth can cause your existing permanent teeth to become crowded. Preventing this from happening doesn’t just save your smile but it also prevents costly, and painful, damage to your teeth as they grind together. If there is no room for the wisdom teeth to come in properly, it is recommended you have them extracted.

Katy Cypress Oral Surgery offers wisdom teeth extraction in a friendly and comfortable environment. If you are facing extraction, give us a call and let us help you. We can help prevent impacted wisdom teeth from causing problems, as well as prevent crowding.

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