Can wisdom teeth cause headaches, toothache, and other discomforts?

Wisdom teeth are the last set to appear during adolescence age. Usually, this pair erupts with a lot of difficulties and causing significant discomfort. Symptoms like swelling, redness, and gum pain are common. Even a few face difficulties while eating and talking. However, can wisdom teeth cause headaches along with toothache? As the wisdom teeth start to erupt, the pain and discomfort can arise, therefore consult the dental surgeon for quick relief. In most of the cases, this last pair will need an extraction.

Can wisdom teeth cause headaches?

While the wisdom tooth is popping out, it puts intense pressure and tension on the jaws. To make its way, they push and shift the other teeth to earn its place. It will change the way you bite and the eating pattern. Additionally, the joints will swell, causing pain pushing it to the ear muscles. All will combine to cause headaches in the individual. Besides it, many also get neck pain. Neck pain is again due to the tension in the jawbones that spreads down to the neck.

Can I get relief from the pain caused by wisdom teeth?

Extreme headaches, toothache, and neck pains are signs that the wisdom teeth have an infection and need removal. Extracting wisdom teeth is a permanent solution. Initially, many follow strict oral hygiene that can prevent the teeth from disease. Brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups reduce the chances of spreading bacteria and clean the food trapped between the teeth. In a few cases, the wisdom teeth have such a wrong placement that keeping hygiene is a mess. Painkillers can be a temporary solution, but in the end, wisdom teeth need extraction.

Oral surgery for extracting wisdom teeth relieves the pain permanently. If you want to know that can wisdom teeth cause headaches and other pain, discuss with the team at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery. We are glad to offer services for wisdom teeth removal. Schedule an appointment today; call us at 281-667-0607 .

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