Concerned About the Black Dot Inside Your Cheek? Here is What It Might Be!

We often see random marks on our hands, face, and neck; however, we are quick to rule them out as nothing. But to notice a black dot inside your cheek? It can make you feel icky and concerned regarding your oral health. Generally, these spots are not something to lose your mind over. Still, you must go to a good oral healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

Causes of Black Dot Inside Your Cheek

Possible reasons that you have a dark spot on the inside of your cheek are:

1. Smoking

Smoking is not invisible; it leaves its marks. Smokers can get dark stains in various areas of their mouth, including inside of the cheeks. Tobacco is responsible for stimulating melanin production. Consequently, smokers can get a darker pigmentation on the inner lining of their mouths. Dark marks due to smoking are called smoker’s melanosis.

  • Treatment: Tobacco smoke is dangerous for your health, but these spots per se do not require treatment. Still, your oral doctor will conduct a biopsy to ensure it is harmless. You can get laser treatment or electro surgery to remove these stains.

2. Amalgam Tattoos

Don’t let the word ‘tattoo’ confuse you here; it does not mean the ink decorations you can get on your skin. Dental fillings are available in many materials, including silver. These silver fillings can sometimes leak and leave a permanent grey, dark blue, or black dot inside your cheek.

  • Treatment: they don’t pose any risk and don’t require treatment, but laser surgery might be able to help remove them.

3. Oral Nevi

Oral nevi are slightly raised spots that can form inside your mouth. Although they typically appear on the roof of your mouth and the inner lip, they can also form on the cheek. The harmless moles are brown, bluish gray, or nearly black and don’t bring any symptoms. Still, let your doctor perform a biopsy to confirm it is not oral melanoma.

  • Treatment: it does not require any treatment, but you can discuss how to get rid of it with your healthcare provider. They might suggest surgical removal.

4. Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

The black dot inside your cheek might be a symptom of a rare genetic condition called Peutz-Jeghers. Dark freckles around the face and inside the mouth appear when you have this condition. Moreover, it causes polyps in the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Treatment: There is no available treatment for this condition yet, but the doctor can clear the polyps in the digestive tract.

5. Oral Melanoma

It is quite rare that the black dot inside the cheek turns out to be oral melanoma. Cancer of melanocytes, or pigment-making cells, is called melanoma. It typically affects the skin but might occur in mucosal membranes like in the mouth. Oral melanoma looks like a raised area with a black, brown, or dark blue color.

  • Treatment: Radiation therapy is often suggested for this condition. However, surgery is the primary way to treat it.

What Should I Do?

The black dot inside your cheek might seem alarming, but it usually isn’t. Nonetheless, please don’t neglect the dark mark; visit your dentist to ensure it is not severe. We can help diagnose the lesion inside your mouth, and you can also come to us for other dental issues. Visit our Katy Cypress Oral Surgery team or contact us at 281-667-0607 to schedule an appointment.

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