Do You Have a Pimple on Your Tongue? These 5 Reasons Might Be the Possible Culprit

Nobody likes seeing pimples on their body, whether it is on their nose or cheeks. But imagine coming across a pimple on your tongue? Not only does that feel weird and disgusting, but it can also make you worry about your oral health. Although it is not usually the result of severe health issues, just seeing the bump on the tongue is not exactly a smart way to close the case. Tongue bumps can occur for multiple reasons. Therefore, you should visit your oral healthcare provider for a diagnosis when you see one. Learn the possible causes in this blog.

What Causes a Pimple on Tongue?

There are small bumps on the sides and front of our tongues, known as fungiform papillae. These bumps are not something to worry about, as they are one of the papillae that cover our tongue. However, it might be a health issue if you notice changes in the bump’s size and experience irritation. Reasons the pimple on your tongue appears are:

1. Lie Bumps

The enlarged spots on your tongue might be lie bumps. Their origin is unclear, but they occur when your papillae get irritated and swollen. Moreover, they look red or white and usually disappear within a few days with no treatment. It is believed that stress, hormones, and some particular foods can cause lie bumps on your tongue.

Having cold, smooth food and saltwater rinses might help ease the symptoms of lie bumps.

2. Canker Sores

The tongue, along with other soft surfaces of the mouth, is susceptible to canker sores. They look like red spots with a yellow or white center and can bring much pain. But they usually last 10 days, disappearing by themselves. Over-the-counter medications can calm the symptoms of canker sores.

A big canker sore usually indicates that you should go to the dentist immediately. Moreover, a canker sore that is so painful it causes difficulty while eating calls for urgent medical attention.

3. Tongue Injuries

Did you eat or drink something a little too hot? Or accidentally bit your tongue? They can be the reason your tongue looks swollen and bumpy. Injuries to the tongue are generally not that serious. Still, go to your oral specialist for a check-up.

4. Oral Cancer

A pimple on the tongue that refuses to go away is not something to take lightly. A pimple on the tip of your tongue can be a sign of tongue cancer. In addition, a cancerous bump does not cause any pain, initially at least. With time, they might start hurting and even bleed to touch. You can get an oral cancer screening to confirm if the pimple is cancerous or not.

5. Allergies

A pimple on the tongue might be your body’s reaction to a particular food. Food allergies can make your tongue bumpy and swollen. Some people might notice that their tongue swells immediately after contact with the food; this is a dangerous reaction termed ‘anaphylaxis’. Hence, seek immediate medical attention if these occur:

  • Swelling in lips, mouth, or tongue
  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Hives or rash start developing suddenly

What to Do?

A pimple on tongue occurs due to many possible reasons. These can range from lie bumps, canker sores, tongue injuries, allergies, and even oral cancer. But before you panic, usually, tongue bumps are harmless. You should visit the doctor to know the cause and get adequate treatment accordingly.

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