Dealing with Cheekbone Swelling Under The Eye: Causes & Treatments

Have you ever woken up to find your face looking all puffy, with an odd case of swelling on the cheekbone, under your eye? It might be a result of getting injured the day before, or it could simply be due to allergies. A mysterious lump arising on your face is not exactly ideal, but it’s not as uncommon as you think, either.

There are many reasons why this happens. Where some causes are as minor as swollen lymph nodes, others point toward something serious. To find out what your facial swelling means, keep reading this blog as we discuss the various reasons and mention the best treatment options for them.

What Causes Swelling on Cheekbone Under The Eye?

A human cheekbone is far from weak, so when it suddenly swells, it means something is wrong. Identifying the reason is essential, whether it’s an internal issue or an external response. Here are some of the most common causes behind cheekbone swelling under your eye:

  • Facial Trauma
    A heavy blow to the face can severely damage your cheekbones, leading to swelling and bruising. If the swollen patch on your face looks disfigured and is tender to the touch, it’s a facial trauma response.
  • Allergies
    Not many people suspect allergies to be the reason behind the swelling. However, allergens like pet dander, certain plants, and other air-borne pollutants can result in a swollen face.
  • Dental Concerns
    Two leading factors behind cheekbone swelling are an impacted wisdom tooth and an abscessed tooth. Even though it is just your upper jaw that is swollen due to the infection, it can look like the entire area under your eye is affected.
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
    Humans are known to have multiple nodes in their body. In the face and neck area alone, there are more than 300 lymph nodes! So, it’s no surprise that if even one of the nodes gets inflamed or damaged, your face can balloon up.
  • Swollen Glands
    Your glands are in charge of producing tears and saliva. Thus, when they get infected, they might become irritated and give way to swelling. This is why it can seem like the area under your eye is swollen, even though it’s only an inflamed tear duct.
  • Skin Infection
    Since bacteria are so sneaky, they can sneak under your skin through the tiniest laceration and give rise to a painful infection. It’s even worse if you have a weak immune system, as it can cause redness, tenderness, as well as sores.

Treatment Options

People often think facial swelling is directly linked to a skin infection or a bug bite. As true as that might be, the reason isn’t always that. When you first take notice of a swollen patch on your cheekbones, make sure to visit a dentist. This will help you uncover the real reason behind the swelling, as dental concerns and facial trauma are two of the biggest causalities.

When To See A Doctor

If the swelling on your cheekbone, especially under the eye area, does not dissipate in a day or two, it may be time to get it looked at. Even if the swollen patch does not hurt, a professional evaluation can help unearth the cause. In any such case, make sure to contact Katy Cypress Oral Surgery at (281) 667-0607 or visit our clinic at 6155 N Fry Rd, suite 600, Katy, TX 77449, located next to Smoothie King.

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