Is It Possible For Wisdom Teeth To Grow Back?

Wisdom teeth are the troublemakers that show up at the wrong time and place. They are a major source of all sorts of problems, which is why dentists often recommend their extraction. But here’s a burning question – can wisdom teeth grow back after removal?

The good news is that once wisdom teeth are gone, you do not have to worry about them growing up again.

Can Your Wisdom Teeth Grow Back After Extraction?

Once a tooth is pulled out, it is physically impossible for it to grow back. Unlike our skin or nails, teeth do not have regenerative powers.

But what about supernumerary teeth?

You may have pesky supernumerary teeth hiding behind them; what are those? These are sneaky extra molars that pop right behind or next to our wisdom teeth.

The supernumerary teeth are usually smaller than your regular wisdom teeth, so they are a bit difficult to spot. They pop up from tiny tooth buds, which are not always as noticeable as the ones for normal teeth.

Now, read the next paragraph carefully. People may claim that their wisdom teeth grew back after they had them removed; however, that is not the case; here’s the truth:

The teeth they are actually talking about are supernumerary teeth that were hiding behind their third molars and were ignored or missed out on the first time around.

All in all, when it comes to regular teeth, there is no power that can make them come back – any kind of teeth (wisdom or not) cannot grow back. However, stay on the lookout for those supernumerary teeth that might try to play tricks on you.

Should You Get The Supernumerary Teeth Plucked Out?

The phenomenon of having extra teeth is known as hyperdontia. Usually, people with this condition do not need any sort of treatment. But some may need to have their extra teeth pulled out to avoid any other complications.

Do inform your dentist about the signs and symptoms, such as the feeling of pain, swelling, discomfort, or weakness in your mouth, in case you have extra teeth residing in your mouth.

If they are sitting peacefully with your normal teeth and not bothering you in any way, let them be. However, if they are like those pesky wisdom teeth creating havoc in your mouth, pluck them out.

Extra teeth can push out normal ones out of place, leading to pain and infection, and also interfere with normal teeth development.

Closing Note

If you are wondering to get those supernumerary teeth out or not after wisdom teeth extraction, contact a professional from Katy Cypress Oral Surgery at (281) 667-0607 for help. We will help you assess the situation and make an informed decision. You can also come and find us at 6155 N Fry Rd, suite 600, located right next to Smoothie King.

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