How a 3D CT Scan Machine Helps Your Dentist Treat You

Going to the dentist is a stressful experience for many patients. However, much of the fear associated with the dentist’s office stems from learned behavior, which has developed over years of experiencing uncomfortable examinations that are also often slow, to discover the tiniest problem.

Dentists who use 3D CT scan technology offer a completely different experience. There are a number of ways in which a 3D CT scan is superior to the humble X-ray. Most of these reasons are for the patient’s benefit as much as they are for the dentist’s.

3D CT Scan

A 3D CT scan provides much more control and produces clearer images. This will help the dentist determine what is going with your oral health. Unlike with X-rays, which can prove difficult to interpret, due to the fact the image sometimes needs to be enlarged, a 3D CT scan can focus in on specific areas with crystal clarity.

A single 3D CT scan can produce hundreds of images, all of which will provide your dentist with essential information that can be used to recommend effective treatment plans. The technology behind a 3D CT scan in dentistry is still evolving, so the benefits for both patients and dentists will only get better over time.

Main Advantages

A 3D CT scan will easily pass through soft tissue, including gums, to reveal definitive images that will aid your dentist in assessing oral health. Some older exam techniques made positively identifying underlying oral health problems more challenging for a dentist, which often resulted in unnecessary treatments being carried out as a precaution rather than a cure.

There is also reduced exposure to radiation when using a 3D CT scan. The greater detail shown in a 3D CT scan provides your dentist with a powerful diagnostic tool that improves treatment times. When your dentist is able to quickly determine where your main issues lie, he or she can recommend effective treatments that could save you money.

Katy Cypress Oral Surgery

At Katy Cypress Oral Surgery, we use 3D CT scans because our patients deserve excellence in comprehensive examinations. When you come to our offices for a checkup or treatment, our team wants to ensure you are comfortable throughout your visit.

Call Katy Cypress Oral Surgery, today, if you need a second opinion on an oral health issue. We are here to help you get the right treatments with 3D CT scan technology in Houston, Texas.

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