Amazing 3D Dental Imaging

Despite being a relatively new technological advancement, 3D dental imaging is changing the way dental care providers approach treatment. It gives them an unprecedented amount of information via three-dimensional imaging.

These aren’t your grandfather’s dental X-rays; they allow clinicians to see bone structures and adjacent root positions. It helps them make more accurate anatomical measurements in preparation for treatment.

The Benefits of 3D Dental Imaging

Traditional X-rays only provide part of the story, while 3D dental imaging provides a more precise and accurate view of your entire mouth. Dental care providers can see how your teeth align from various angles, where they sit in relation to one another and what needs to happen in order to keep your smile strong, healthy and beautiful.

Clinicians can target areas as small as the root of a single tooth. Soft tissues and gums are passed through easily, in the imaging procedure, for clearer views of denser teeth and bone. A single scan is capable of generating hundreds of images your dental care providers can use to create a detailed, personalized care plan targeted to your most urgent needs. 3D dental imaging also reduces radiation exposure.

Who Needs 3D Dental Imaging

While all dental patients can benefit from a more accurate and thorough assessment, 3D dental imaging is particularly useful in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, orthodontics and implants.

At Katy Cypress Oral Surgery, we pride ourselves on keeping our fingers on the pulse of emergent technology. To learn more about 3D dental imaging and how it can revolutionize treatment, call us today.

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