How Can You Convince Someone To Brush Their Teeth?

You might think that getting someone to brush their teeth every morning is not your responsibility. Unfortunately, many people do not regard dental hygiene as a high priority on their to-do list.

This happens because, since childhood, their bad dental hygiene habits are now carried on until adulthood, and directly it can affect your relationship. Imagine this person could be a friend, family, spouses, and fiancees, etc. But remember that it is never too late. You can always change the conversation around your house and help change these habits of your loved ones.

Data Is Always Important

If we can track their sleep and fitness, why can we not track our teeth’s health? What you can do, show the person their true dental condition. Click a picture of their teeth and show it to them. Let them feel what does it look like to the outside world.

We only tend to see ourselves from our perspective, but this view might become an eye-opener for them. This will be the start of your upcoming change. Track their progress on fixed intervals.
Click regular pictures and show them their progress. This will help improve.

Here are some eye-opening statistics:

  • Sixty-six percent of adults have visible tartar plaque on their teeth.
  • Seventy-four percent of adults have had at least one tooth extracted
  • Twenty-nine percent of adults have regular tooth pain

You and your loved ones surely do not want to be a part of these statistics. Hence small behavior changes will eventually make a big difference.

Honesty Is The Key To Success

No one likes to keep on telling their loved ones that they have a bad breath. But it is best, to be honest. If they become defensive, you need to remind them that you are pushing them for their good.

But remember that it will take time to change. You will need to have a conversation several times for change to be visible. And if they do brush their teeth, make sure you praise them. This will reinforce their love to brush their teeth regularly.

Need Help?

If your loved ones do not listen, you need to consult a dentist immediately. You can take an appointment at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery, and our team of experienced dentists will take care of you. Call us at 281-667-0607 now.

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