How Important Is It To Have An Updated Dental Record?

Your dental record is one of the most important pieces of a document that your dental clinic maintains. This record contains your personal and health-related information, your consent, diagnostic results, details of all your treatment and procedure, and finally, your dentist’s and your conversations.

Every time you visit your dentist, he/she will go through your record to track your progress during your treatment. And after treatment when you visit for your general dental visits.

In the past, these records were maintained manually in filing cabinets. But with the improvement of technology, hospitals and clinic now store these records digitally; hence it has become more manageable for them.

Why Should You Keep Your Dental Record Up To Date?

Your dental record is vital to ensure you receive the correct treatment. When your oral information is documented, it is more comfortable and valuable for the dentist and yourself to check on your progress; As this is the key to your on-time treatment.

If the record is up to date and kept in an appropriate manner, it convenient for the staff to communicate with you and provide you with immediate assistance. Moreover, an up-to-date record will also help you if there is a complaint regarding a previous or current dental treatment.

An updated record is not only necessary, but it also helps the medical center asses the quality of their staff and service quality. It helps them know the service delivery standards, based on which they can make necessary improvements as need be.

Update Your Dental Record Now

If your dental record is not up to date, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Our dentists at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery can update it the next time you visit them, but it to save you time, we advise you to make sure your dental record is up to date as it eases your check-up and treatment process. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Millwala, call us at 281-667-0607 now.

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