How Can You Reverse A Cavity After Its Formation?

Tooth decay, also known as cavities, is pretty common occurring in children because of bad oral habits. This decay happens in stages, so there is still a ray of hope to save the tooth during the initial ones. But how can you reverse a cavity successfully? Is it possible at home without an intervention? Let’s find out.

To cut it short, you cannot reverse a cavity at home; however, this statement is vague because you can remineralize teeth.

Early Demineralization Stage

Can cavities go away in the initial stage? Well, during stage 1 early cavity, you can reverse it to a certain extent or make it stop then and there from spreading further. The main reason for the outer layer deterioration is basically sugar and acid attack in combination with bacteria.

You can reverse a cavity in enamel only when it has actually not formed a hole inside. How can you remineralize teeth? Well, in this stage, you can reverse a cavity at home.

Firstly, you need to make your oral hygiene regime better and make sure to remove plaque from teeth surfaces daily. The use of dental sealants on the pits is beneficial.

For remineralization, you can also make full use of fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. It is quite easy since there are a lot of fluoride-rich mouth essentials available.

Another practice is less usage of processed carbs and more intake of fresh fruits and veggies for internal strength to fight bacteria.

Enamel Regeneration

Unfortunately, teeth are not like bones, so they cannot start healing on their own. You cannot reverse a cavity that passes the enamel. Your dentist will opt for other methods to restore your teeth.

Once a tooth develops a pit inside it, there is no way you can reverse the enamel to grow back on your own. However, if left untreated, it can gradually worsen because of the bacterial infection inside the tooth structure.

The best thing you can practice is getting rid of the cavity as soon as you spot it, in the early stages. At this level, the dentist can preserve the healthy portion of the tooth and place a filling in the hole.

If you leave the cavity untreated, it will go in the deeper layers and form an abscess. This will then require another set of treatments that may or may not be largely invasive.

7 Tips to Help Stop Cavity from Spreading

You can’t reverse back a deep cavity but can practice these methods to stop it from further damage.

  • Clean diet – it is quite unnatural to think of cutting all the sugar from your diet at once. So we urge you to limit the intake. Less sugar, less reaction, less deterioration.
  • Get rid of xerostomia – dry mouth can lead to acids accumulating on the teeth surface and not washing away through saliva.
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Reverse dehydration
  • Supplementation is necessary to equip the body with essential minerals.
  • Apt oral hygiene regime that includes brush and floss
  • Steer clear of acidic food


Regular checkups of mouth can help in early detection of the cavity and thus its restoration and saving it from further deter. Call the dentists from Katy Cypress Oral Surgery today for help. Dial 281 667 0607 to set an appointment.

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