How To Get Rid Of Cracks In Tongue?

If you see cracks in your tongue every time you stick them out, then you fall amongst the category of those 5% of people living in the US who have fissured tongue. It does not matter whether or not cracks in the tongue are painful. They are not dangerous because they are not contagious and have no other symptoms.

Your cracked tongue is a benign condition; it looks like deep or shallow cuts, which are also known as pits or grooves. Scientifically this condition is referred to as lingua plicata. Read this blog for more details regarding cuts on the tongue.

Symptoms – Cracks in Tongue

Cuts or cracked tongue’s outer surface is the main and only indicator for a fissured tongue. It is mostly seen in the middle part but may appear on the edges too. The pit’s depth is variable from person to person and is the place where debris collects, which is why, for such people, softly brushing the tongue is beneficial.

Causes – Fissured Tongue

We can name some conditions that may link directly or directly to this issue:

Vitamin deficiency – inadequate or malnourished people suffer from tongue cracks which may or may not be painful. This problem is usually seen who suffer from B vitamins, iron or zinc deficiencies. The good news is that external supplements help in treatment.

Improper oral hygiene – insufficient cleanliness also increases the cracks inside the tongue.

Sjogren’s syndrome – is a disease associated with mouth dryness or xerostomia. The lack of moisture is why cuts or cracks appear on the tongue.

Down syndrome – patients look different and have developmental disabilities.

Psoriasis – is a skin condition that forms red patches encompassing the body.

How Can You Fix Cracks In Tongue?

Usually, a cracked tongue does not need treatment and shows no other symptoms than the presence of grooves on the tongue surface. One of the complications a person with cracked tongue faces is debris and bacterial buildup. Which, if not cleaned, causes irritation that progresses into an infection, foul breath and tooth decay.

In severe cases, candida Albicans grow to infect deep grooves. In that scenario, the patients should use antifungal creams. You should keep apt oral routine, clean your mouth 2 times a day and brush your tongue as well.


Regularly visiting the dentists is always helpful, more so for early detection of the diseases and their treatment. Cracks on your tongue will not come up with any other painful symptoms. However, we cannot completely ignore the possibility of burning when having acidic content foods. If you are facing trouble because of the cracks in your tongue, get in touch with one of the affordable dentists of Katy, Texas, at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery. Call 281 667 0607.

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