5 Steps To Clean Your Invisalign Tray At Home

Invisalign is the type of treatment that does not show itself unless you let people know. It is one of those invisible treatments that does not hamper smile aesthetics. However, the whole point negates if you stain them because of low maintenance. How to clean Invisalign to prevent discoloration? Well, there are multiple home remedies available.

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to clean them.

Invisalign and Its Importance

Invisalign, also known as a clear aligner, is a method that produces a braces-like effect on the teeth. They are clear trays of plastic made to order with the help of your mouth measurements.

They are a solid shaping piece that applies pressure on the right places of the teeth to change their direction.

Invisalign is made of plastic which is BPA (Bisphenol A). They are a modern, painless, non-invasive method of teeth straightening that is more comfortable than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign snap fits your teeth and slowly moves their direction without changing how your smile looks.

As good as it sounds, they do not work for teeth that need severe changes. It is suitable when the patient has minor bite issues or other oral complications.

How To Clean Invisalign?

There are 5 small steps to take in your routine to clean Invisalign at home easily.

Step 1 – set a morning routine for yourself; always take your aligners out in the morning so that they can be worn again at night.

Step 2– Rinse after their removal.

Step 3 – soak your Invisalign to clean them at least once a day.

Step 4 – Do not eat food or have beverages while you have them on.

Step 5 – keep your Invisalign in a specialized container so that they are not exposed to bacteria.

Methods to Clean Invisalign At Home

These are some valuable methods clean Invisalign trays at home.

Invisalign Crystals

These crystals are specially used to clean stained Invisalign. The process is simple, take 1 container and fill it with either warm or cold water. Then, drop the crystals and stir until they dissolve.

Take your Invisalign off and put it inside the liquid crystal solution. The appropriate amount of time for this is about 15-20 minutes.

Next, take a toothbrush and clean your Invisalign but not with toothpaste. After this, you can rinse the solution off it from tap water.

Baking Soda

It is one of the most sought items for cleanings, and has great abrasiveness. Yet, baking soda is safe to clean Invisalign.

Just take 1 spoon of baking soda and dissolve in 1 cup of warm water. Then, soak your Invisalign in it for some minutes. Next, take them out and brush them clean, then rinse again with clean water.

Hydrogen Peroxide

It is the best chemical for stain and dirt removal in lower qualities. Soak your tray, brush, and rinse the dirt out before using them again.

Distilled Vinegar

Take a portion of vinegar and dissolve it in 3 parts water; keep your Invisalign in it. This will loosen the plaque, which will scrape right off.

Antibacterial Soap

It is not advisable to use fragrant soaps to clean Invisalign retainers, and only antibacterial are apt for this purpose.


These clear retainers are the easiest of aesthetic treatments for teeth straightening. So, cleaning is necessary for its maintenance longevity. Follow this 5 step guide to clean your Invisalign tray properly. Head to Katy Cypress Oral Surgery for the best quality services, products, and consultation. Call now at 281 667 0607.

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