The need for extra teeth removal

Tooth extraction seems to be a nightmare for many. However, as the name, extra tooth removal is an entirely safe and common practice that the dentist performs. Besides, it’s also true that dentists first look for alternatives, and extraction is the last option, especially in adults. Few people have extra teeth in the mouth, like the wisdom teeth that grow at the back of the mouth. Removal is necessary to avoid dental issues.

A wisdom tooth is usually an extra tooth; it has not even grown in everybody’s mouth. But if they do and are disturbing the other teeth, extraction is done. Otherwise, if it’s not bothering, leave it as it is. The dentist is the best adviser on whether extra teeth removal has to be done or not. If the wisdom tooth is causing pain, redness, bleeding, or swelling in the gum, its replacement is necessary.

However, in other cases, like if the extra tooth is blocking the way for other ones or is causing bad breath or cavity, removal is necessary. If any such symptoms are visible immediately, visit the dentist for treatment. Delay can result in infections and even damage to tissues and gums. The dentist will first monitor the situation and then remove the extra teeth only if necessary. Bearing the pain due to dental fright is the worst option, which will result in terrible outcomes.

Ways of extraction

Dentists use different ways for tooth removal, depending on the situation. If the tooth is stuck in the gums or is growing in the wrong direction dentist performs surgery. It is entirely safe, and using sedations makes it pain-free. The other way is by breaking the tooth into many smaller pieces. It is usually the case with a big tooth. Whatever the process, all are safe and relieve the person from oral issues.
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