Side effects of dental implant

The dental implant is one of the most common practices of dentist nowadays. It is a great way to replace the tooth and gain back the natural smile. The procedure has a tremendous success rate, and many people have opted for it. However, a dental implant’s side effects are not severe and usually go away in a few days. One reason for its success is that the benefits of dental implant weight higher than its cons.

Visible side effects 

The side effects of dental implants that are temporary usually clear up in one or two days. The place heals with time and sets back everything to normal. However, few visible effects include,

  • Pain and discomfort in gums for a few days
  • Facial swelling or bruises in skin and gums
  • Minor bleeding that stays for some hours or a day

If you feel you cannot handle the side effects, talk to the dentist. The dentist will give you the best advice to tackle the problem. In case the effects become prolong, get the dental checkup as there may be a chance for infections. But it is rare and often with time the gum and teeth heal and function usually.

Rare cases

Even though very rare but at times, few complications can occur due to dental implants. The patient gets infections in the place where the implant is. There is a chance that the internal blood vessel damages causing pain in teeth and gums. It can also create sinus problems as the upper jaw extends up to the sinus cavity.

Nevertheless, one can control the side effects of dental implants if he follows the dentist’s advice carefully. Take proper medications, and a soft diet as the dentist will minimize the impact. Having oral problems or missing out on your teeth, the team at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center is ready to guide and treat you. Call at 281-667-0607 and schedule your appointment.


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