What are the factors and signs of dental bone graft failure?

Implementing new technology and innovation is bringing lots of changes in modern dentistry. Today, various treatments are available that no one could even think of in the past. If we look into the past, oral treatment was no less than a nightmare. Today, it’s safe, comfortable, and even pain-free due to the presence of sedatives. Bone grafting is usually done before the dental implant to fill in the bone for the process. However, mishaps do occur; various signs of dental bone graft failure give warning signs.

Dental bone graft failure

The surgeon must have experience and training to perform bone graft surgery. Personal health is essential, along with proper care. One factor for bone graft failure is your overall health. The gums, teeth, and tissues have to be strong to hold the bone. The surgeon will only proceed with the implant after the bone attaches in the gums. Reasons for bone graft failure can be your health, oral infections, and complications during surgery, or lack of care.

Signs of dental bone graft failure

Various symptoms show that the surgery has failed. A dental implant cannot occur if the bone graft is not firm. The immediate warning signs are as follows;

  • Draining of severe secretion from the area of surgery and intense pain, even after a few days of surgery
  • The area turns red, and there is no reduction in swelling
  • After the surgery, the new bone attaches and grows in the gums. If there is no such feeling of bones growing and shifting in the gums, visit the clinic immediately.

It is also possible that the signs of failure become visible after a few months of surgery. Such symptoms include worsening of oral hygiene, constant feeling to clench your teeth, infections, pain, or continuous pressure on the area of surgery. There is also a chance that the bone graft falls out in tiny particles; hence there is a need for extra care. Contact the team at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery to find out more about the signs of dental bone graft failure. Call us at 281-667-0607 to schedule your appointment.

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