What to expect after a Dental Bone Grafting?

If you are a potential dental implant patient, your dentist will likely begin with having you undergo a bone grafting procedure.

In case the dentist identifies that your jaw bone needs a bit of extra support to hold the incoming implant, you will be required to go through a bone grafting procedure. We recommend that the patient use their own bone for a bone grafting procedure. In a bone grafting procedure, bone particles are removed from the patient’s body and grafted into their jawbone in the area that needs extra support.

Once the procedure is complete, our experts at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery ensure recovery occurs at maximum speed with little wait-time.

What happens after a bone grafting procedure?

Although a certified medical specialist performs the surgery, it is possible to experience pain or discomfort after a dental bone graft. This is because specialists use anesthesia for the removal of your jaw bone during the surgery.

Once the effect of anesthesia wears off, you will need to consume antibiotics and pain relief medications. This extra effort will ensure you feel comfortable, you have a quick recovery, and you don’t contract an infection.

Previous bone grafting data shows that recovery is easy and painless when patients take proper antibiotics prescribed by their dentists.

Remember, patience is a virtue. Both you and your dentist will need to hold on to it during your recovery. The dentist can only put in the dental implant once the new bone is completely fused with the natural bone in your mount. This process will include several visits to make sure all the elements are coming together properly.

How long does it take to recover from a dental bone graft?

Recovery depends on several factors. Some factors include the type of surgery performed, patient’s age, patient’s health, etc. In general, it takes a minimum of two weeks to over two months in some cases.

The dentist will perform a dental implant only after complete recovery.

Here are some suggestions for a healthy recovery post-surgery!

  • Do not touch the wound.
  • Do not rinse vigorously.
  • Ensure not to apply pressure to the surgical area with your tongue or fingers.
  • Do not smoke.
  • In case of bleeding, first, apply a gauze pad on the area for an hour. If the bleeding continues, have a bite of a moistened tea bag. If it still continues to bleed, immediately contact your doctor!
  • Swelling is an expected human body behavior after going through a surgery. You can apply ice packs for the first 24 to 48 hours. Applying hot packs can also help.
  • A proper diet is essential. Begin with juices, milk, and water. Slowly move to chewing harder items, and then start to consume hot foods.
  • Oral hygiene is necessary for adequate healing and reducing the risk of infection. Rinsing warm salt water before and after meals can significantly help!
  • Your dentist will most probably apply sutures. Please do not remove them without consulting your dentist.

If you want to learn more, consult with our dentists on what to expect after a Dental Bone Grafting at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery and Implant Center. You can call us at 281-667-0607 to schedule a consultation today. We have a solution to all your oral health problems.

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