Why Do I Have Red Spots on the Roof of My Mouth? Are They Treatable?

Seeing red spots on the roof of your mouth might raise some questions in your mind regarding your oral health. Worrisome thoughts start racing through your mind, and you might start panicking. However, these red spots are usually harmless and go away by themselves. In some cases, they indicate severe health conditions. But before you start imagining the worst-case scenario, we will list the possible reasons your mouth has red bumps.

What Are the Causes of Red Spots on the Roof of Mouth?

Below, you will find a list of potential reasons why you have red bumps on the roof of your mouth:

1 – Canker Sores
Canker sores are common culprits of red or white spots in your mouth. These open mouth ulcers appear on the soft surfaces of your mouth, including the roof. They are lesions that look like red spots with a yellow or white center.

Canker sores can be painful, but they last for two weeks. While they are still present, you should avoid acidic or spicy food as they can trigger sharp, shooting pain in the sore. Moreover, you can use OTC topical gels and antimicrobial mouthwashes to alleviate the symptoms.

2 – Strep Throat
Small red patches on your mouth’s roof might be a strep throat symptom. This infection can cause fever, swollen lymph nodes, and pain while swallowing.

Your healthcare provider might suggest a course of antibiotics to treat strep throat. In addition, rest and fluids will help too.

3 – Physical Injury
Sometimes, we are hasty in eating or drinking something while it is still hot. Consequently, it scorches our mouth, and you might notice a burn. Furthermore, eating something sharp can result in cuts inside the mouth, which will also look like red streaks or dots. Other than this, physical injury can also result from:

  • Sharp edges of a broken or chipped tooth
  • Uneven dental fillings
  • Broken crowns or bridges
  • A reaction to an ingredient in toothpaste or mouthwash

Your dentist can treat the red mark by addressing the cause.

4 – Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
Visible red spots on the roof of your mouth might signify a common viral infection, Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, or HFMD. Although it usually occurs in children under 5 years of age, older children and adults can get the virus too. At first, you get a fever followed by red, painful sores in your mouth. The red bumps can blister and hurt.  Many people get rashes on their hands, feet, and other body parts. In comparison, some people get HMF with no symptoms.

Until now, HMFD has no treatment. However, your dentist might suggest OTC medications, mouthwashes, and oral sprays to relieve the symptoms.

5 – Oral herpes
Another viral infection responsible for the red bumps in your mouth is oral herpes, which is caused by the herpes simplex virus. If oral herpes is the cause, open sores will appear on the inside and surrounding region of your mouth. They are typically white but can look red initially or while healing. These white or red spots are also called fever blisters or cold sores.

Cold sores generally take two weeks to disappear on their own. In the meantime, avoiding physical contact or sharing items with others is critical, as the virus can transmit to other people.

What Is The Takeaway?

To conclude, red spots on the roof of your mouth are usually treatable, but they can indicate severe medical issues. Therefore, you should talk to your dentist when you notice red bumps in or around your mouth.

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