Your Wisdom Teeth and Your Health

The last teeth to erupt in the adult dentition are the wisdom teeth. These third molars received the nickname wisdom teeth due to the fact that they do not come in until a person has reached the age of maturity – late teens or early twenties. Unfortunately, wisdom teeth seldom come in as easy as the other permanent teeth.

Making a Painful Appearance

Wisdom teeth are notorious for becoming impacted. They seldom grow in straight and they often grow in a way to push on the second molar causing pain. Wisdom teeth have been known to grow in crooked, sideways and erupt only partway leaving a flap of gum tissue that is susceptible to irritation and infection.

Early detection of wisdom teeth and monitoring their growth is one way to eliminate some of the pain and discomfort they cause. Your dentist will monitor their development and determine if it is necessary to remove them in order to prevent other dental problems from occurring.

Wisdom Teeth and Dental Problems

There are a variety of problems linked to wisdom teeth. Besides the pain of impaction and partial eruption, they can cause infections. Some wisdom teeth have developed a cyst or fluid-filled sac. Occasionally a tumor can develop. Jaw and gum disease can be the result of a partially erupted tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth may also cause root resorption of the adjacent second molar.

The oral surgeons at Katy Cypress Oral Surgery can perform wisdom tooth extraction with minimal discomfort. Make an appointment with us if you need your wisdom teeth removed.

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